About Me

About the blog:

Blogging is not something that I'm new to. I've had a blog before this called 'A Sea Change' which started on April 30th 2014 when I decided that I wanted to share my writings with the rest of the world. A Sea Change was where I would write short stories and poems but over time it changed- it included my thoughts, random ramblings, opinions. reviews, etc. Unfortunately I had to end up deleting it because of a very stupid mistake on my behalf. But all things happen for a reason, right? Maybe it was time I needed to change and maybe that's why that happened. The change also explains why I changed my blog name and its URL. I will continue where I left off with A Sea Change but I do hope that this blog grows and evolves to be so much more later on!


About me:

I like to write, read books mostly crime and mystery but I enjoy reading other genres as much. Tea happens to be something that I cannot live without. I have a taste for Rock, Alternative Rock and Indie music. I'm currently pursuing my bachelors in business administration. I constantly find it a struggle to be present in both the reality and my own world, although I try my best. As cliche as it might sound, I hope to explore and travel the world someday.

Any doubts or queries send me an email!

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